• What is RoboMQ

    RoboMQ is an ESB. It is a set of tools and runtime services focused on solving Systems Integration. RoboMQ’s Core is a runtime engine that allows applications to be connected together, allowing them to easily exchange data. It comes with hundreds of connectors out of the box, so systems can be connected regardless of what technologies they use. Around this core is a rich set of tools and services supporting the ancillary functions that go hand-in-hand with data integration.
  • How is RoboMQ’s solution different from other system integrator's? 

    RoboMQ’s philosophy centers on Pain-point Driven Design. It focuses on the problem as a whole rather than attempting to address individual aspects of it. This has led to a unique degree of workflow streamlining not seen in other offerings. Benefits to this approach include very rapid application development – enabled by workflow streamlining and tools integration, and also accessibility. Non-technical staff, such as Business Analysts, Testers and Ops, are able to contribute effectively in the delivery of the solution.
  • Can I still use RoboMQ if I am trying to integrate my legacy application which has a non-standard interface? 

    Developing your own connectors for Camel and incorporating them into your RoboMQ solution is very straightforward. Camel was designed from the ground up to be extensible, and RoboMQ fully supports this.
  • What systems can RoboMQ connect to out of the box? 

    RoboMQ’s core is built around Apache Camel which is strongly supported by the Open Source Community. As a result, there are hundreds of connectors and components available. This is the list of currently available components:

    When undertaking the task of connecting applications there is a typical set of workflows that have to be completed, starting at project inception and ending at solution rollout and operations. These workflows map tightly to features built into RoboMQ’s integrated tools and services. This allows for exceptional efficiency. 

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