ROBOMQ as a Solution

ROBOMQ IS a Pain-free systems integration suite to help rapidly build, deploy and manage interfaces

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Apache Camel-based
  • Comprises Runtime Components, IDE, and Tools
  • Facilitates rapid building, deploying and management of interfaces
  • “White boxes” the opaqueness of message flows through the network
  • Incorporates Agile Development to iteratively build and test connectivity
  • Includes a plethora of convenient and relevant features to manage and optimize the complete integration journey and exploit synergies across all phases of the integration lifecycle

Additional features - MAGIC MOMENTS 

  • RoboScheduler - enables automation of common and bespoke maintenance tasks, using both simple and CRON-based expressions
  • RoboLog - comprises high-performance, integrated log management tools, enabling efficient, fast and un-paralleled management, diagnostics and audit capabilities.
  • RoboMetrics - comprises comprehensive performance monitor, data analytics and transaction throughput, enabling comprehensive quantitative performance reporting and demonstrating that the solution conforms to business requirements.
  • RoboServiceDesigner - enables the visualization of service topology and incorporates wizards to generate connection code (Spring DSL) for messaging platforms such as WebsphereMQ, TIBCO EMS, ActiveMQ, HornetQ etc.; enables seamless integration with runtime for smooth deployment.
  • RoboConnecx - enables point to point TCP/IP connectivity validation between any RoboMQ component and network destination, identifying firewall and other transport issues.
  • RoboCtrl-Z - enables rollback to earlier releases whenever required, minimizing the impact of failures.
  • RoboQueueBrowser - enables complete seamless filesystem-type access (cut/copy/paste, search/replace, archive/restore) along with absolute latest encryption (256 bit, TLS 1.2). Native support for IBM MQ Series, JMS support for TIBCO EMS, ActiveMQ and HornetQ
  • RoboReplayNode - enables message data capture and injection/re-injection; utilizing a ‘white-box’ approach’ ReplayNode provides real-time data transparency and control.
  • RoboProtocolAnalyzer - provides TCP port forwarding and deep packet inspection for low level debugging.
  • RoboLink - provides cross language portability, allowing the leveraging of pre-existing components written in C/C++
  • RoboCheckpoint - a feature-rich web application, which integrates seamlessly with the RoboMQ execution environment -- making it easy to graft over existing runtime services, that provides oversight, audit and issue tracking.


ROBOMQ uniquely empowers Integration Specialists to manage and optimize the complete integration lifecycle and exploit synergies across all phases of the integration journey. No other competitor does that!


  • RoboMQ's Runtime and Monitoring components sit in the host organisation's server side environment. These components execute and monitor the data flows and business processes necessary to seamlessly integrate both new and legacy systems.
  • These components are controlled, monitored and managed via RoboMQ's Client software - RoboMQ Studio - typically is hosted in a desktop environment. 
  • RoboMQ Studio exposes features relevant to business analysts, developers and ops, facilitating all elements of the EAI process.

ROBOMQ in Action

Practical Examples of RoboMQ

The Delete Story

While working on UniCredit’s Corporate Banking platform, a developer accidentally introduced and deployed unwanted changes to it’s Payments Module, causing it to fail. Because the module was deployed within the RoboMQ environment, he was able to seamlessly and instantly roll-back the release using RoboCtrl-Z, minimizing the impact whilst still preserving management controls and audit trail.

The Statements Printing Story

UniCredit's GCC-based branch's e-Banking application was failing to aggregate multi-page statements. The Global e-Banking back-office solution for this involved repeating a manual process roughly 60 times -- a solution that was not deemed practical. However, with RoboReplayNode, all messages passing through had been indexed and archived, which enabled the Branch to solve the problem in less than 15 minutes.


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